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Paradigm Consulting is an 8 year old IT  Consulting Company specializing in Recruitments, contract staffing and Payroll Management.

G. Balasubramanian is the founder CEO of Paradigm Consulting. The seeds of success for Paradigm Consulting was sown by G. Balasubramanian, the then 29 year young and aggressive CEO way back in 2003 when he started the company. G. Balasubramanian has a bachelor's degree in science with a full time  MBA from Xavier institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore.
Prior to incubating Paradigm he was associated with companies like Canon, HSBC and HCL over period of 6 years. Paradigm was started with a vision to fill the gap in IT recruitment space and provide customers with a value proposition and quality with focus on delivery. The market in 2003 was just growing without any focus and specialization by any agency in any particular field/ domain / vertical. It was to fill this wide gap in the offering that Paradigm Consulting was incubated with extensive specialization in end to end recruitments. Based out of Hyderabad and catering to its clientele across the country, Paradigm today is a 15 member, INR 7.5 million, successful and a gradually growing organization with exclusivity and specialty in any technology under the sun. Be it .Net or Sun Technologies or the most talked about open source we have IT all for any client.

G. Balsubramanian has served as a Convener and  Co Convener for the Hyderabad chapter of ERA-Executive Recruiters Association during 2006-07 and 2007-08. His interests include guest lectures and contributing articles to leading English newspapers like Business Line and Financial Express.

Paradigm Consulting is an equal opportunity employer and  hires & retains domain specialists, subject matter experts and also high quality fresh talent from the industry. All our staff are either Engineers or MBA's  or both and come from good educational  background with or without prior experience. The team is well equipped with complete knowledge, expertise and attitude to take on challenges with  an in depth understanding of the IT recruitments industry.
The New Shift in Paradigm
Paradigm Consulting has also embarked on a new journey of offering staffing services both to Indian and International customers. On the international staffing services front, Paradigm Consulting offers outsourced product development and applications development on a pay roll model. The current projects include developing location based apps on handheld devises like the BlackBerry and I Phone for 2 of the start up companies based out of California.
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