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Value Hiring Solution Process
Organizational ethics, Integrity, confidentiality and mutual respect.
Long term Rewarding and beneficial relationship.

Value delivered and created before value received.

Serving Vital few clients with stress on complete fulfillment.

Paradigm's Key Deliverables and Unique Selling Proposition

Alacrity with clearly defined Service level Agreements.
Getting right the first time with first time fix.
Mutually agreeable terms & conditions.
Absolute transparency & Commitment in our Operations.
Faster response/turn around time with shortened process cycle.

Strict Adherence to personal/organizational code of conduct and strong etchics.


Brick & Mortar Component

Focused Headhunting
Targeted Talent Search
Skill set mapping through Market Intelligence
Retainer Search
Technology Recruitments
Technology Fairs
The Click Component
Posting of job requirements.
Mailing lists, Hotlist.
Focused target group advertisements.
Inward Traffic directing.
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